People & Wellbeing Risk Management

Transforming Corporate Wellbeing with our Leading Edge Programs that Streamline, Optimize, and Enhance Leadership & Employee Wellbeing. Our Solutions are Flexible to Meet the Needs of Your Business.

Experience a New Era of Employee Wellbeing, Rooted in ISO Standards and Financial Methodologies. Build Trust, Effectively Manage Wellbeing Programs, and Boost Corporate Wellness Governance.

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What critical challenges about Wellbeing is your organization currently facing?

Leadership Stress- 4 out of 5 managers express concerns about stress at work

Governance- Compliance to the UN Sustainability Reporting Requirements

Building Trust- Understanding needs & risks while ensuring complete data privacy

The Costs of Stress in the Workplace- $1 trillion globally and over €600 billion in the EU, 12 billion absentee days

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Revolutionizing and Innovating, a Risk-Based Approach to Governing Wellbeing

How Does Your Company Govern & Manage Wellbeing?

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People & Wellbeing Risk Management Program

  • Govern and Assure the Wellbeing of the organization for the Board of Directors, C-Suite and Shareholders

  • Meet the new regulations for ESG and UN Sustainability requirements

  • Automate, Optimize and Enhance the company's wellbeing initiatives across the organization

  • Promote the SaysLife Certification to help support your Brand and attract your future workforce talent

Flexible solutions to meet your needs.

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Individual Coaching & Therapy Assistance

  • During Periods of Elevated Stress. We privately manage the coaching & therapy support for Leaders and Employees with the help of our proprietary tools that assess an individual's LifeStyle ROI.

  • Custom build a personalized Wellbeing Support Team. A look into the future of Life Balance. Create a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Reduce stress, improve your Life Experience from a holistic perspective. Self, Family, Work, Relationships, Career, Money, Body & Mind.

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Scalable & Targeted Approach to Design & Deploy Wellbeing Programs

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Informed Decision-Making
Understand Risks & Needs > Design Targeted Wellbeing Programs

Our exclusive and proprietary assessments empower individuals and corporations to understand their wellbeing needs. Ensuring complete data privacy and support personalization to foster trust; while establishing structured corporate governance.

Optimized Wellbeing Programs
Automated Management Solutions > Optimize Wellbeing Programs

Ensure ownership, optimize resource allocation, strategize effectively, and boost engagement with our management tools, aligned with ISO and Financial standards, to drive your business and wellbeing programs forward.

Elevated Governance Framework
Certification & Consolidated Reporting > Compliance to UN Sustainability Requirements

We certify your company, reinforcing your brand, attracting top talent and offering assurance to Senior Leaders and compliance to UN Sustainability regulations; while ensuring absolute privacy for Leaders and Employees.

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