Innovative & Holistic Wellbeing Corporate Solutions. For the "S", in ESG Risks.

The Leading Governance Tool to Measure, Manage and Support your Company's Wellbeing initiatives; with a Unique Certification that will help meet the needs of your company's workforce and sustainability goals.

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Why now?

Leadership Stress

4 out of 5 managers express concerns about stress at work and the costs of depression from work is over 600 billion euros per year in the EU.

Source: The ETUC

Making it Personal

Leaders and their Families have a personal and dedicated SaysLife Well-Being Coordinator, to help make life a little easier.

Targeted Leadership Support

A customized blend of coaches and therapists work with the Leader and the Family based upon their needs in different life areas; holistically covering work, physical, mental and relationship support.

Understand Your Well-being

With a measured view of various lifestyle factors, Leadership stress-related risks are prevented and managed simultaneously using therapeutic and risk management methodologies.

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Assurance for the BoD, C-Suite and Shareholders. Easily manage & report on your Sustainability and Wellbeing programs.

Govern, Measure and Assure the wellbeing of your organization

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Proactively Support At Risk Leaders & Employees

  • Provide additional private support to Leaders and Employees during periods of high stress.

  • Custom build a personalized Wellbeing Support Team. A look into the future of Life Balance. Create a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Reduce stress, improve your Life Experience from a holistic perspective. Self, Family, Work, Relationships, Career, Money, Body & Mind.

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Corporate Wellbeing Certification Program

  • Govern and Assure the Wellbeing of the organization for the Board of Directors, C-Suite and Shareholders

  • Meet the new demands for ESG and Sustainability requirements

  • Measure, Prioritize and Proactively Manage the company's wellbeing initiatives across the organization

  • Promote the SaysLife Certification to help support your Brand and attract your future workforce talent

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Automated & Scalable Wellbeing Governance

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1. Measure and Prioritize

Gather Wellbeing ESG related insights with top level Security & Privacy. Identify risk exposure and the root cause. Prioritize company Wellbeing programs across the organization and regions.

2. Manage Wellbeing to the Company's Culture

Every company has a different culture and understanding of what Wellbeing currently is and what Wellbeing should be. Use our tools to govern, direct and resource in real time the Wellbeing people initiatives across business units and countries.

3. Govern and Assure with Certification

We certify your company to support the brand, recruit workforce talent and provide assurance to the Board of Directors, C-Suite; meeting external government or regulatory requirements with our program designed upon ISO risk management standards.

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