SaysLife is a company focused on the Executive Leader and their Family’s Well-being

Helping Leaders, their Families and their top Executives with stress related concerns.

Our Mission

We want to inspire and support our Clients to have a balanced life that is full of purpose, health and happiness through innovative and risk-based mobile coaching and therapy tools, helping to reduce stress-related people issues and expenses at their place of business..

Why We are Here

SaysLife was born out of the need to provide top leadership and their corporations an effective way to anonymously manage executive level stress. Stress related costs in the US total over USD 300 billion and over 600 billion Euros in the EU per year (AIS and ETUC). Unfortunately, executive stress and the ill effects are a taboo topic.

SaysLife was founded in Zurich, Switzerland by a seasoned specialist in corporate people risk management and transformation. We are backed by a strong team of psychotherapists, medical professionals, coaches and corporate executives. We all work together to ensure that our Client offering, to both the discerning Leader and to the forward-looking corporation, has a premium service and product experience based on their private and goal-focused needs.

Our methodology and measurements

are based upon risk management principles and recognized evaluations within the health care industry. Studies show that occupational stress arrives from multiple areas of life (Duxbury, L. & Higgins, C., 2001). This has been extensively peer reviewed and based on data collected from 6 multi-national companies and over 120 corporate execs and employees. SaysLife’s patent pending scoring methodology calculates holistic areas of life by investments and returns - is what you get out of your life worth the investment?

Our affiliated coaches

are specialized in the topics of executive and life coaching, business coaching, burnout prevention and correction, relationships and communication, sports management and general wellness, nutrition and diabetes, men’s and women’s health, addictions and anxiety and depression We offer a customer experience available in multiple languages and across time zones

Join our team!

We are always looking for people thrive in a start-up environment and want to be a part of a new organization focused on the wellbeing of the individual and their company. It’s all about Life Balance!